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George Tinworth and the Potters Cathedral

Thursday 02 November 2023 | 19:00 – 20:00
St Mark’s Church, Shelton

Join us for an enchanting evening in a truly iconic venue as passionate potter and heritage consultant Cath Ralph explores the link between legendary ceramic artist George Tinworth and St Mark’s Church, lovingly referred to as the Potters Cathedral. 

Cath will explain how Tinworth’s work at Doulton’s Lambeth factory left an indelible mark on the world of pottery, and help us to appreciate the breath-taking artistry of his terracotta reredos that has wowed visitors to St Mark’s for over 100 years.  

As project manager of Under One Roof, Cath will share insights into the quest to restore and conserve St Mark’s, one of our city’s most important historic treasures.  Learn all about the project’s challenges and triumphs, and the team’s vision to preserve this cultural gem.

This one hour talk will also feature live music from a recent podcast/publication as part of the restoration project played by guests Scott Ralph of Climax Blues Band and Gillie Nicholls Sculptor and Songwriter.