Experience the beauty and diversity of ceramic art through an eclectic collection of work from some of the region’s very best creators.

Throughout the festival, we’ll be showcasing the compositions of over thirty artists at venues across the city.

From emerging talent through to established, internationally-acclaimed artists.
Our inclusive collections capture the distinctive flair of a wide range of ceramic creators, all working in or with a strong connection to the Potteries.

This year’s line-up includes:

Grazyna Adrian

Emma Bailey

Often referred to as ‘the new Clarice Cliff’, from my Middleport studio I use traditional methods of on-glaze painting, combining modernistic shapes and visible brush strokes, highlighted by stunning pops of colour.

Barbara Barlow

Having worked as a printmaker and watercolourist for around sixteen years, I recently moved into ceramics, hand building sculptural and decorative pieces. I consider this a very exciting time in my life and hope you enjoy seeing the results.

John Barlow

Form is a lifelong passion and drives my approach to ceramics. In recent times I have been creating tree faces that reflect my interest in poetry, people and legends. I have pieces hanging in private gardens in Cheshire, Staffordshire and Wales.

Tracey Bentley

My studio, Burslem Pottery, makes industrial pottery with local scenes, hand drawn and painted bottle kilns and Martin brothers inspired sculptures in high fired stoneware.

We make our own ware, taking our pieces from a bag of clay to the finished piece of art.

Will Boyce

My passion for ceramic sculpture began around the age of seven, eventually leading me to the Potteries where I gained a degree in art & design. My work draws inspiration from the world and society around me, or as Shakespeare referred to ‘a mirror to nature’.

Nicola Briggs

I create hand-built contemporary statement ceramics in porcelain, contrasting torn rims, organic shapes and unglazed exteriors with layering mono-printed underglazes, glazes and metallic lustres over relief textural details.

Amelia Brokenbrow

I am a student on the Clay College diploma course studying studio pottery. I am exploring a range of techniques and am interested in developing a body of functional tableware.

Eleanor Chilton

I am a student at Clay College. I will be displaying wheel thrown tableware made at the college and fired in the Wytham woods Oxford university projects kilns.

Gail Cochrane

I am inspired by the beauty and uniqueness I see in nature. In particular, the intriguing textures, structures and colours that the inevitable decline stimulates in an individual leaf or a sea of fallen leaves carpeting a pathway.

Callum Forbes

I am currently studying at Clay College. As a potter and maker I am interested in materials and inspired by the beautiful everyday.

Belle Mary Foreman

I am drawn to the soft, tactile qualities of clay and like to make warm, friendly pots. My display piece is made up of two plates thrown on the wheel with no water, and wood-fired in an Anagama kiln. The metallic sheen is from the iron-rich body.

Rowena Hamilton

I am a student potter at Clay College, especially interested in throwing, altering and also slipping on the wheel.

Philip Hardaker

I create intricate archaeological sculptural paintings made from clay and found objects. My work has both political and ecological objectives, and is intrinsically linked with being English and celebrating the past production of Staffordshire ceramics and creativity.

Maya Hughes

I am showcasing some of the thrown functional pieces I’ve made during my first year at Clay College. I hope that my work embodies the essence of studio ceramics, incorporating a number of firing methods.

Huxley Hunt

I fell into ceramics just three years ago. From my garden studio, I incorporate fossils I find with 120 million-year-old blue slipper clay, in its five different colours, that I source locally through my work.

Lucas George Jones

I am a student at Clay College Stoke, creating functional pots that enrich those who use them.

William Keating

I am currently studying at Clay College. I will be exhibiting a collection of works from a recent wood-firing with Svend Bayer. My work is driven by the desire to let the clay speak for itself, expressing its true nature as an imperfect material.

Caroline Kisielewicz

I only started throwing pots a year ago, and the more I learn about ceramics the more I realise how much there is to know. I am constantly exploring different shapes, textures and glazes, using trimming to refine my pieces and add details.

Peter Larkin

Wheel thrown stoneware

Lucinda Lovesey

A former contestant on the Great Pottery Throwdown, I make decorative and quirky earthenware pieces using coloured slips and underglazes to adorn clocks, bowls of swimming fishes and intricate miniature vases.

Kevin Millward

My work is inspired by early industrial ceramics of the 1750s. I hope to show something of the mark, of the maker, a reference to the touch of the hand and the interactions with the plastic clay.

Ian Minshull

Having worked for Royal Doulton, Beswick and Paladin, I started Black Star Ceramics in 2016. From my Staffordshire studio I use a number of techniques such as throwing and casting to produce everything from brightly coloured vases to bespoke tableware.

Terry Nason

Having started my ceramic story at Clay College five years ago, I specialise in hand thrown functional stoneware with multi-coloured glazes and textures, inspired by the Derbyshire countryside.

Gillie Nicholls

My passion is the recognition, exploration and understanding of the human spirit through portraiture. I also use clay to express my own deeply felt observations on social interaction, personal perceptions of truth and our maniacal attempt to subjugate nature.

Sara Parry

I am a ceramic artist called Shapes From The Earth whose work is inspired by the evolution of the self, using organic shapes and applying faces to extract humour and personality from the clay.

TKaye Poole

The sculptures I am exhibiting are made from a raku clay, pigmented with oxides and underglazes. My inspiration comes mainly from the natural world, and a pursuit to capture with sensitivity and understanding, the essence of our animal companions.

Freddie Scragg

As a graduate in Fine Arts from Staffordshire University, I like to use a number of mediums
including pencil, charcoal and pastel. But my favourite medium has always been clay as I
love making sculptures, more recently inspired by master potter, Jon French.

Emily Sudlow

I took up pottery two years ago, after a stroke, brain surgery and subsequent transient ischaemic attack left me unable to return to work. The philosophy behind my craft is that my pieces may be a little bit wonky but so is the person who made them!

Hannah Michele Sulek

As a final-year student at Clay College, my practice focuses on sustainability, using natural, non-polluting materials for clay bodies and in glazes. My inspiration comes from nature, investigating the intersection between pottery, geology and memory.

Rosie Threadgold

Working at Steelite in Burslem, I am passionate about the talents and skills of our local workforce. I use scrap clay to make my bowls.

Alice Wakefield

As a student at Clay College, I am interested in the therapeutic nature of crafts and pottery and its many possibilities within a community setting. Through my studies I am expanding my knowledge of firing techniques, glaze technology and making.